Does Shampoo Really Matter?

IHair Talk with Seela see so many clients that spend a lot of time and money on their hair. They are careful to get just the right haircut, the right hair color, and they use all the best styling tools. However, they still complain that their hair color fades too fast, their hair won’t cooperate, or their hair just looks or feels bad.

These women often comment that their hair is softer and… more manageable after they come to the salon, but they don’t understand why.

Well, Often times the answer is as simple, (and as complicated),… as the shampoo they are using. Just like a Ford Pinto and a Lexus will both get you where you are going – Not all shampoo is created equal!

Inexpensive, store brand shampoo often has a very high pH, sometimes as high as a perm! They usually contain harsh cleansers that improve suds, making the consumer think the shampoo is working better. They also usually contain heavy silicons or alcohols that, while at first can make your hair feel great, after time either build up on or strip the hair of the natural oils it needs to be healthy and beautiful. Even the shampoos that add healthy or beneficial ingredients don’t have the chemistry behind them to get all of that “good stuff” to work in you hair.

The shampoo you use can truly make a world of difference. Purchase a salon brand with a long and good reputation from a salon you trust, preferably a shampoo recommended by your personal stylist.

At SeelaDavid Salon we carry the following shampoo lines:

  • Redken

  • Pureology

  • DermOrganic

Come in to get a free consultation and shampoo recommendation. If we don’t have the right shampoo for you, we will tell you where you can get it!

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