One Size Fits All?

Ah…How many times has “one size fits all” fit you? My guess is not many. 🙂

Well, that’s the concept behind do-it-yourself (box) hair-dye. The companies that manufacture these products want to make sure that the $8 box of hair-dye you just bought will work for everyone who buys it. To achieve that goal, they use the strongest, harshest ingredients available. Sometimes they add beneficial ingredients to it in an attempt to trick you into believing it’s good for your hair. It’s not.

Have you ever noticed that after “dying” you hair yourself, over time you hair gets lighter and… lighter, more orange, rough, frizzy with a lot of breakage, even when using dark colors?

Consider this. Good, professional hair colorists have thousands of hours of training and years of experience. Even then, it’s sometimes difficult to find someone that gets it right.

If you color your hair yourself, your hair would greatly benefit from being professionally colored once in a while. You might think there wont be a difference, but I have seen even hard core do-it-yourself-er’s amazed at the difference a really good haircut and color can make, not only immediately, but over time as well.

We exclusively use Redken hair color, for consistent beautiful results. We carry Redken hair care products for retail, along with Pureology and DermOrganic.

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