Should I Wash my Hair?

Hair Talk with SeelaClients often feel confused over whether or not to wash their hair before they come in for a service. As a professional stylist, I can tell you that I much prefer that you… do NOT wash your hair first! If you are coming in for a hair cut, I need to see what your hair looks like dry, even if it’s dirty, in order to give you a really good haircut. Even if you’ve been in before, please do not assume I have a good memory, I like to see how your last haircut has grown out and how it is laying so that I can give you the best possible haircut.

If you are coming in for color, it’s best for you not to wash your hair as well. It’s not that hair color will work better on dirty hair, it doesn’t make a difference. It’s for your protection. It takes 24 hours for your body to build up enough protective oils on your scalp to act as a natural barrier between you and the hair color. The longer you go without washing your hair (1-3 days), the less of a chance you have of developing some type of scalp irritation from the color service.

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