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I see a lot of clients who don’t like to put any product in their hair. They wash it, condition it and let it air dry, or they blow-dry and style it but believe it is healthier for their hair if they don’t put any product in it. Most of these people are women with medium to long hair.  I’m here to challenge that thought process. First, a question… Do you use moisturizer on your face, and if so, why? How about sunscreen, or some other type of sun protection? Do you wax your car? What about mosquito repellent? Do you take vitamins? … I think you get the point! You most likely use some or all of the things above to protect your skin, you car or your health, etc… You’re smart, you want to look great, feel great and you want to protect yourself and your investments, and the best way to do that is to use some sort of product designed for protection.

Assuming you want your hair to look great and look and be healthy, you need to, at minimum, protect it. There are so many really great products on the market today that can accomplish that goal without the look and feel of having a “product” in your hair. Many people, however, have tried different products from the drug store without really understanding why certain products work certain ways or how to use them properly. Your best bet is to go to the same hair stylist so they can get to know your hair and make the proper recommendation. At my salon in Chico, CA. (SeelaDavid Salon), we use primarily Redken but we have a few others that we love as well. ** These are the lines I know best, but there are many great product lines out there!

One product that I love and use on just about everyone is called 12 Benefits. It comes in an eight oz spray bottle, is light with a no product feel, but has so much protection you could use just that alone and you would see an incredible difference in the look and health of your hair in a very short time. 12 benesThis is a type of leave in treatment that even includes sun protection and heat styling protection.

Another favorite for those of you who blow dry your hair is Satinwear 02 by Redken. It has almost no hold, with 01 being least and 30 being most, so you won’t be able to feel it in your hair. Satinwear offers the highest concentration of heat protection available so your hair will be protected from blow-dry styling! Your hair will dry faster, and will look good longer with this product.

I could list a dozen more products but the point is, if you want your hair to look beautiful and be healthy, you absolutely must use something on it to protect it from the environment and the abuse you put it through.

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