Well,Hair Talk with Seela there are no guarantees in life just as there are no guarantees in most hair salons. I think most people go to the salon with their fingers crossed, and if they aren’t happy they just never go back. At least that’s the way I did it before I became a stylist. Here’s some food for though… How many times have you ever started a new job (new client = new job) and gotten everything perfect on the first try? With that being said, as a professional stylist I expect and hope that when you leave my salon you are thrilled and… blown away at just how perfectly I understand your hair! LOL… But… in the event you are not, it would really be in your best interest to call or come in and let me know what went wrong. If your color is just a little off, well, professional stylists keep records so the color can be tweaked next time to get it just right. If something isn’t quite right with your haircut, it most likely can be fixed in just a few minutes. The point is, while there are no absolute guarantees, we do offer a guarantee to a point. We encourage any client to come in any time within a week of getting their hair done and we will check it for you…Free.  If something’s not quite right or if you just need a little help with styling, we’re here for you.

On the very rare occasion something really goes wrong, I recommend giving your stylist a chance to make it right. It is these types of circumstances that usually result in great hair. If you really think about it, your stylist is really becoming familiar with you, personally and with your hair and its individuality.  The better your stylist gets to know you (and your hair), the better equipped they are to give you the perfect cut or color that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Another thought… If your stylist starts making up excuses, or blaming you or your hair for whatever happened, it’s time to ditch them and look for someone new. A good salon should welcome you in for any reason, whether it be a quick bang trim, neck trim, free styling tips for your new haircut and free fixes if needed.  And they should do it happily with a smile on their face, after all, you are doing your stylist a favor by going to them, not the other way around.  If your stylist isn’t willing to put in a little extra time for you, then they aren’t worth your time in the first place.

At SeelaDavid Salon, we guarantee all of our work. If something’s not perfect, we’ll fix it, guaranteed!