Does Shampoo Really Matter?

IHair Talk with Seela see so many clients that spend a lot of time and money on their hair. They are careful to get just the right haircut, the right hair color, and they use all the best styling tools. However, they still complain that their hair color fades too fast, their hair won’t cooperate, or their hair just looks or feels bad.

These women often comment that their hair is softer and… more manageable after they come to the salon, but they don’t understand why.

Well, Often times the answer is as simple, (and as complicated),… Read More

Should I Bring a Picture?

Hair Talk with SeelaA picture is worth a thousand words.

A lot of my clients will come in with a specific haircut, hair style or hair color in mind. They will try really hard to explain it to me, but often don’t bring any visual aid. I LOVE pictures! Here are some pointers on how… Read More